The Best Places to Visit in Holland in Spring

Find out why spring is an amazing time of the year to visit the Netherlands, and get inspiration for your trip. Read on for insights into this fantastic time of the year.

 The sun is out, the temperature is warming up and flowers are coming out in bloom; it can only mean one thing – it is time for spring. This time of year is typically associated with themes of renewal and fresh starts. What better time then, to visit Holland, which comes alive in spring.

 Spring means a celebration of the outdoors

Holland is a country of spectacular greenery and wildlife. This makes it an excellent choice for a trip in spring when longer daylight hours mean the many lakes and parks can be enjoyed to the fullest.

 Holland is a famously bike-friendly country, making cycling a great way to explore the city and the countryside alike. Rent a bike in Amsterdam to take a tour of the city sights by weaving through the many canals. Alternatively, take a cycling route in the protected nature areas of the countryside and observe the natural Dutch spring-time greenery and flowers.


 In Amsterdam, canal tours are a great way to experience Amsterdam from the water. The famous pedalos offer a fun and interactive way to see the city from a totally different perspective.

 The many parks such as the Rembrandtpark, Sarphatipark or Vondelpark are simply must-sees. In spring, they people flock there to soak up the sun and enjoy the open, green spaces. Often, canal-side houses and museums open their doors to reveal the parks hidden behind them. These Open Garden Days are another great way to enjoy Amsterdam in spring.

 Colour, colour, and more colour

Holland is an explosion of colour every spring. The countryside and indeed the cities come alive with vibrant colours. This is even more enhanced by the longer hours of daylight.

 The national appreciation of colour every spring is exemplified by the celebration that is ‘King’s Day’ held yearly in Amsterdam. Every spring, revellers descend on the city to enjoy boat parties, house parties, and visit the bars and pubs.

 It is held in honour of the King’s birthday, and everyone receives a day off work to celebrate. The carnival demands that everyone wear orange – this extends to include even wigs and face paint. Attendees are encouraged to sample the street food available, where national delicacies can be enjoyed.

 Most museums close down on King’s Day, however a few can still be visited. The Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmseum, the Stedelijk Museum and the Anne Frank House often remain open. You can even cycle through the Rijksmuseum, for a truly authentic, Dutch carnival experience.


 Holland’s national identity comes alive in Spring

Flowers, or specifically, Tulips, are one of the country’s most renowned exports. Every spring, the country is awash with beautiful variants of all shapes and sizes of these flowers.

 Plan a trip to Holland’s world-famous ‘flower strip’ or ‘bollenstreek’ to gain the full floral experience. Alternatively, the Keukenhof Gardens are an absolute must between March and May. Lying 30 minutes from Amsterdam, they boast over seven million flowers including tulips, hyacinths, freesia and daffodils.

 To really soak up the country’s national identity, attend the annual ‘Tulip Festival’ which is held every April in Amsterdam.

 Holland in Spring is not to be missed

Embrace the beginning of the new season in Holland with one of the many things to see and do at this wonderful time of the year. Whether you’re spending spring in the city or heading further afield into the beautiful Dutch countryside, you’ll be spoilt for choice at this time of the year.


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